‘The right music makes such a difference to a film, and the music being composed by Henry Mitton for my final year film, “Grave Mistake” makes it so much better and has basically got me super hyped for my own film.’ Tim Allenby, Animatorhttp://thisisnormal.the-comic.org/comics/1016

‘Amazed at how well you understood what I was after and brought it to life. There is a big difference between music that compliments a film and music that makes a film better, but this music genuinely did improve my film. Wonderful to work with.’ Li Marley, Director.

‘Working with Henry could not have been easier. He instantly grasped the style of music I was looking for and did a sterling job, lifting my film to another level with his music.’ Nick Poole, Director.

‘Thanks for all the work you’ve done on the New Writing Night. Several audience members commented on how fitting and well written the music was, which is how I feel. Working with you has been such a seamless process.’ Stanley Walton, Director, Irresponsible Decorators Theatre Company.